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Enabling digital transformation at AP Pension

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Optomo helps AP Pension get more out of its RPA investments by giving operational transparency and new business insights.


Wanting to continue its digital journey while going through a substantial merger, it was critical for AP Pension to scale its RPA operations and increase automation across its organisation, while keeping the robot operations lean and efficient. The company faced difficulties in doing this, however.


It faced two key problems; a lack of transparency into the robots’ work on an operational level and a lack of insight into the value they create in comparison to a human doing the same task. The company searched long for possible solutions, but could not find a tool that covered both aspects to a sufficient degree for its business needs. But then came Optomo.


As a valued business partner of KPMG and the Optomo Team, AP Pension has been actively involved in setting the direction of the further development of Optomo, and the company now uses it as a holistic tool to schedule its robot more efficiently and automatically monitor and manage their successful operation.This has resulted in a significantly increased utilisation of the company’s RPA licenses, and the process managers are also more informed on future business decisions, as they know now the actual value and performance of their robots from the in-app dashboards.

What was formerly a “black box”, the company’s RPA operation, has now been opened for the business to see and act upon.


Begin scaling your digital workforce today!