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Powered by AI and integrating with your existing RPA solution, Optomo helps you get the most out of your RPA investments with automated scheduling, maintenance and business insights.

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Enabling digital transformation at AP Pension

As part of its digital evolution, AP Pension needed to grow its RPA operation and handle scaling issues smartly. Watch the video or read on to discover how Optomo helps the company achieve its objectives.

Why Optomo?

A solution that pays for itself

Most organisations only have a 20-30% utilisation of their RPA licenses. Optomo intelligently optimises the robot work schedules leading to lower license costs.

Free up developer time

Let Optomo automate the tedious maintenance tasks that come when you scale your RPA operation, so that your developers are free to pursue new value-adding projects.

Get the full business overview

Optomo opens the RPA black box by giving you business-relevant insights into your software robots’ performance and automatically monitoring them for issues.

Calculate your potential savings

Using this calculator, you can get an indication of your potential savings with Optomo in terms of increased license utilisation and freed up time for developers.

DKK per year*

*Estimate based on average metrics from Nordic corporations employing RPA with Blue Prism incl. annual cost per FTE of 750.000 DKK. Not a guarantee for actual savings. A data scan must be performed on-premise to calculate an accurate sum. Price per licenses can vary according to the total no. of licenses.

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